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  • n. A pungent cheese made of goat's milk and formed into small disks.
  • n. A disk of this cheese.


  • They now tend a flock of 600 sheep and two herds of dairy cows — 30 Jersey and 15 Guernsey — plus 20 goats whose milk he uses to produce crottin and other fresh cheeses.

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  • I picked up a couple of ripe yellow tomatoes, some hand-picked local arugula, some French goat's cheese (a crottin de something or other, I forget now), some organic Salchichon* from Spain and for dessert, a blood orange and a pot of honey yogurt.

    Did I ever tell you about that yogurt?

  • I use about 3 oz of each cheese, usually chevre or fresh crottin for the goat cheese, and a tangy blue cheese like Bleu d'Auvergne, Roquefort, or Maytag blue.

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  • Each full wheel, log, drum, crottin or pyramid is displayed to show off the craft that has gone into its making.

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The word 'crottin' comes from Old French 'crotin' (animal dropping), adiminutive of 'crotte' (dung).