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  • n. The sharp-edged waste material left over when someone creates a stone tool.


  • In addition, the hominids had left behind “utilized material,” such as cobblestones that had been used for some purpose, and quantities of small, razor-sharp flakes called debitage.

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  • Scarp cleaning and profiling previously excavated trenches has revealed bone and shell artifacts, potsherds dating from 500 B.C. to A.D. 1000, and debitage from canoe-making.

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  • For nine months Dr Bevins and Dr Rob Ixer of Leicester University collected and identified samples from rock outcrops in Pembrokeshire to try to find the origins of rhyolite debitage rocks that can be found at Stonehenge.

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  • Lots of worn cobbles that would have been used for pounding, and little bits of sharp volcanic glass debitage.


  • His job there fits in well with his knapping: He analyzes debitage - the chips found at archaeological sites that show someone had been making points there. Homepage


The word 'debitage' comes from French.