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academic ridicule


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  • "The story of forensic neuropathologist Bennet I. Omalu brings dramatic focus to one doctor's breakthrough discovery of a progressive neurologic disorder found in victims of brain trauma.

    Dr. Omalu called the disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), first discovered through an autopsy he performed on Mike Webster, the NFL's legendary Pittsburgh Steeler's player who died at age 50. Dr. Omalu went on to report and publish findings to identify CTE in eight more NFL players whose patterns of death were similar. Dr. Omalu's findings revolutionized neuroscience[, [sports medicine, the study of brain trauma, and the entire sports industry, even after being ridiculed by many of his professional peers, the NFL, and the industry."

    --Spotlight Event, 2015 College of American Pathologists Foundation Awards.

    September 2, 2016

  • Stanton Friedman considers the general attitude of mainstream academics as arrogant and dismissive or bound to a rigid worldview that disallows any evidence contrary to previously held notions. Denzler states that the fear of ridicule and a loss of status has prevented scientists of pursuing a public interest in UFOs. J. Allen Hynek's also commented, "Ridicule is not part of the scientific method and people should not be taught that it is." Hynek said of the frequent dismissal of UFO reports by astronomers that the critics knew little about the sightings, and should thus not be taken seriously. Peter A. Sturrock suggests that a lack of funding is a major factor in the institutional lack of interest in UFOs.--Wikipedia

    September 2, 2016