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  • adj. Like a doodle; scribbly.


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doodle +‎ -ly


  • Here's a coincidence - my word verification is "doodly", which pretty much describes Spongebob!

    What About Spongebob?

  • Among many bizarre comic vignettes, the cerebral Sigmund Freud flaps his arms “like an old crow” and hysterically tries to analyze what is happening to him as “his doodly came alive and stuck out as though he had a walking-stick in his trousers.”


  • Setting up a mysterious flashback that takes Katherine back to Romania in 1996, Delany playfully waves her hands in front of her face and mimics the silly "doodly-doo, doodly-doo" flashback noises made famous by Mike Myers in his Wayne's World comedies.

    'Desperate Housewives' gets serious for finale

  • The icing is so smooth and shiny it makes me want to shout "ca-ca doodly do-do"!

    Five Awesome Things

  • Ax didn't know doodly about long-lost love, but Bobby J didn't sound like much of a candidate for it.


  • Kelli will be guaranteed a vast media blitz for her book's publication, far more than that debut novel you just bought that everyone in the office loves but you won't be able to get doodly squat for in terms of coverage because there are no more book reviews and the author looks like the love child of Zach Galifiniakis and Frodo Baggins. 

    Jason Pinter: Celebrity Memoir 101

  • If the busted & broke GOP cannot make Wright stick, Gov Richardson's Roman Hands and Russian Fingers amounts to doodly-squat.

    Obama To Spend Tuesday Night In Key Swing State, Away From The Day's Primaries

  • After obliteration lies oblivion where SCOTUS decisions will amount to doodly-squat.

    Poll: Hillary Ahead By Eight In Indiana

  • That's not his real name, because it's embarrassing for the head of a high-tech company to confess that he knows doodly about computers.

    The Fear Of Flaming

  • Rolling their eyes as Mom searched for demure outfits while they sought out miniskirts to display their pre-teen scoodly doodly to the boys.

    Kim Stagliano: I Will Shake Your Foundation


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