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  • adj. of, or relating to teleology; teleological

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  • Teleological.
  • n. The science of final causes.


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  • Sure science doesn't exclude teleology, but when the only different between the teleological theory and the non-teleological theory is the intent, purpose, or planning then I really don't seen how a reductionist scientific methodology could even conclude the teleologic explanation is the correct one.

    Bird Teeth

  • Given the sheer number of Neodarwinian die-hards who claim the theory of evolution (non-teleologic by definition) * means* there can be no teleology should inform even the most casual of observers that your "yeah, but …" is bull.

    Bird Teeth

  • This section of Gregorian's useful work, which is also more of a teleologic political history, does not shed light on the economic conditions of eastern Afghanistan during those years.

    Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier

  • Part I of this study describes historism as a style of normative social theory and discusses its rationalist, positivist and teleologic branches.

    Siegel on Historism in Late 19th C. Constitutional Thought

  • Evolutionary biology can give us some possible explanations, all of which can be satisfying from a teleologic perspective.

    Survival of the Sickest

  • Prior to the rise of modern science all the emphasis was on teleologic guidance (typically in the form of divine design).

    Demarcation, Credentials, and Science Education

  • Intelligent design is attempting to restore a proper balance between nature's autonomy and teleologic guidance.

    Demarcation, Credentials, and Science Education

  • Because, according to Lucas, deontic ethics are insufficient to prevent undesired outcomes, while teleologic ethics are not ultimately grounded on a necessary moral base.


  • A "close reading" of the SW arc leads us to see that, (A) the Jedi's ethics are insufficient to stop the Republic from crumbling and the Empire taking hold; (B) the teleological ethics of the Dark Side are, perhaps inevitably, perverted into a lust for control, with the ends justifying the worst means; and, (C), Luke's actions in RotJ show a path out of the deontic/teleologic trap through virtue-based ethics.


  • Prof. Vernon Kellogg says: "Darwinism may be defined as a certain rational causo-mechanical (hence non-teleologic) explanation of the origin of species."

    The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved In 50 Arguments


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