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  • n. Plural form of transcendentalist.


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  • The error of the transcendentalists was their willingness to affirm the intuitive always over the historical.

    Philocrites: 'Words are not the only language': Henry Whitney Bellows's view of scripture.

  • The private organ of the transcendentalists was the _Dial_, a quarterly magazine, published from 1840 to 1844, and edited by Emerson and

    Brief History of English and American Literature

  • But if by pantheism is meant the doctrine that the underlying principle of the universe is matter or force, none of the transcendentalists was a pantheist.

    Brief History of English and American Literature

  • Wendell Phillips, one of those "transcendentalists" of Massachusetts of whom the country was to hear a great deal in the future, answered this question in his famous "grandeur-of-nations" oration of July 4, 1845.

    Expansion and Conflict

  • "The essential mistake of the transcendentalists is the taking for their guide the instincts of the soul instead of the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

    Life of Father Hecker

  • "transcendentalists," as they were popularly styled, with whom these were often at the outset affiliated, were much influenced by contemporary French and German authors and speculations.

    Outline of Universal History

  • While stylistic parallels to Wordsworth's daffodils are evident throughout the novel, Greene's characters function with independence and resolution that bring the American transcendentalists - Emerson,

    Bloodroot: Summary and book reviews of Bloodroot by Amy Greene.

  • My short take on Flower is that it reminds me instantly of American transcendentalists and the late 19th century symbolist movement in both poetry and painting.

    Flower's Lawful, Logical Wind

  • Matthew Cheney, “Confessions and Complaints of a True Man” – Incontrovertible evidence of Steampunk invention in the time of the American transcendentalists, including mechanized elephants.

    Steampunk Reloaded–Table of Contents

  • The prose was very nice for a while but in the middle it started feeling like Victorian transcendentalists with all that description, haha.

    back from hiatus!


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