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  • weddingzilla (usually humorous) An extravagant wedding that either the groom and bride cannot afford - but insist on having -, or that is to expensive to attend for members of the immediate family or wedding party (bridesmaid - groomsman) - example: a destination wedding - haute couture formalwear.

    Groups Google Soc Couples Wedding: "Weddingzilla captured on video!"

    Weddingbee - The W.I.C. and How to Avoid It: "That this whole thing "It’s My Day Weddingzilla - I must spend tons of money thing" has gotten way out of hand."

    Advice Goddess Columns Manure and Wife: It can be hard for a man to understand how an otherwise sweet and reasonable woman can go all weddingzilla

    January 26, 2013

  • couplezilla (plural couplezillas)

    (usually humorous) A couple who, in the course of planning their wedding, display difficult, selfish, narcissistic behaviour relating to the event.

    "Clever / Funny ways to tell friends about our engagement?",, 14 April 2010

    Honestly, I'd be in the latter category, and I'd probably distance myself from any friend who put on a big production to announce their engagement... I'd be terrified that they're going to become couplezilla over the whole wedding-planning process, wanting to have the biggest and best "OR ELSE!!"

    T Flynn, “Re: Something to consider:”

    In that any gathering or ceremony has a focal point and an audience, that may be, but the idea of comparing a wedding to a pageant -- implying that OF COURSE a wedding should be some overblown, foo foo, couplezilla affair -- is a serious miscommunication.

    January 26, 2013