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  • A river, about 290 km (180 mi) long, of southeast France rising in the Graian Alps near the Italian border and flowing west and southwest to the Rhone River.


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  • The twentieth century has produced many wonders, but it did not produce the pulley and the plough 0that labour-saving was done in a darker age.

    G.K.'s Weekly - Labour and Leisure

  • -0 / +0that made me so ***** aggravated ... what a dumb *****

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  • Just thought i'd point out the hypocrisy. on 05/07/2009, -7/+0that seems a little naive. are you saying that the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is in no way shape or form accountable for the actions of the military? even though Obama was opposed to invading Iraq (and subsequent military excursions) that does not grant him immunity from blame for actions that happen under his administration. conversely, if Obama can turn things around and 'win' the war on terror, you would not say

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