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  • proper n. A Northwest Caucasian language spoken in the Republic of Adygea, in the Russian Federation, also known as West Circassian.


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  • I suspect that this was an innovation spurred on by contact with an ancestral form of Proto-Abkhaz-Adyghe aka Northwest Caucasian.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Bomhard (1996) cited Circassian roots from the Abkhaz-Adyghe (NWC) family in connection with possible Pre-IE borrowings which I found plausible and intriguing for many reasons.

    Nipping the PIE ergative *-s theory right in the bud

  • Throughout his life he tried to force the two language families called Abkhaz-Adyghe and Nakh-Daghestanian into the same, proverbial, round hole.

    The Tower of Babel

  • So in the diagram above, I toy with the idea that certain areas to the east and south, for example, had rich phonologies using things like ejectives, labialized sounds and palatalized sounds while also containing few vowels, such as the areas I propose for Abkhaz-Adyghe (AbAd) and Mid IE, the ancestor of Proto-Indo-European (PIE or IE).

    More isogloss amusement for the linguistic nerd at heart

  • Such a system, using only a few vowels and many consonants, is also typical of all Abkhaz-Adyghe languages nearby.

    The Great Pre-IE Centralization

  • On the eve of the parliament vote, the youth wing of the KChR chapter of the Circassian public organization Adyghe Khase (Circassian Council) addressed an appeal to Russian presidential administration head Sergei Naryshkin and presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov warning that the "provocative" and "insulting" actions of the republic's predominantly Karachai leadership risk exacerbating latent interethnic tensions. warned that the organization planned to convene a meeting on November 26 in Cherkessk of Circassians from across Russia at which the issue of "self-determination," meaning dividing the Karachayevo-Cherkessia Republic in order to create a separate Circassian Autonomous Oblast within the Russian Federation, would be discussed.

    Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty


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