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  • n. A multiple star in Centaurus whose three components represent the brightest object in the constellation, 4.4 light-years from Earth.

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  • proper n. The brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus. It is actually a binary star with Proxima Centauri as a third component.

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  • n. brightest star in Centaurus; second nearest star to the sun


From α (brightest) + Centauri ("of the constellation Centaurus") (Wiktionary)


  • Two Sun-like stars, Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri Bseparated by around twenty-three times the distance between the Earth and the Sunorbit a common center about once every eighty years.

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  • Seeking coordinates for last portal activity in the Alpha Centauri star systemSeekingplanet in orbitSeeking informationSeeking last portal location The little hourglass appeared on Cosmoss screen.

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  • Immediately behindthe Klingon was Ensign Ryle Simons, a young human from Alpha Centauri whose skin was as startlingly white as his hair was flame red.


  • Alpha Centauri is its Bayer designation a system of star-naming introduced by astronomer Johann Bayer in 1603.

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  • Alpha Centauri can be seen from Earths southern hemisphere, where it is one of the stars of the Centaurus constellation.

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  • Astronomers are looking at Alpha Centauri B to see whether this bright, calm star will reveal Earth-like worlds around it.

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  • Odds are they didn't take enough fuel to stop inside the solar system without dropping-well, something massive, something they didn't need any more, something that served its purpose once it got them from Alpha Centauri or wherever.

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  • Eeew! said Annie, shielding her eyes with her arm as they stepped through the portal from Titan onto the planet Cosmos had found for them in orbit around the star Alpha Centauri B.

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