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  • proper n. The depiction of Spain and Spaniards (or, by extension, all Hispanics and their countries of origin) as bloodthirsty and cruel, greedy and fanatical.


The term was calqued from Spanish, where it was coined as Leyenda Negra by Julián Juderías in his 1914 book La leyenda negra y la verdad histórica (The Black Legend and Historical Truth). (Wiktionary)


  • Cervantes, Velizquez, bringing civilization to the New World. 'l doubt that I changed any professorial attitudes, for the Black Legend was a convenient cudgel with which to lambaste Catholic Spain, and the Inquisition was an institution easy to hate, but my public defence of Spain did gain me friends among the Hispanic students.


  • Next door, Black Legend, both a restaurant and club, has live Motown-style music; further down the quay, hidden away in the curve of the port is Le Virage, an ultramodern, all-white lounge bar with imaginative Mediterranean-style cuisine.

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  • I particularly liked his coverage of De Soto, whose destructive path serves as proof point for Black Legend proponents.

    An embarrassment of riches

  • Although no Black Legend has been popularized about Portuguese colonization, the extermination and enslavement of the native population equaled the exploits of Spanish conquerors.

    9. Portuguese America, 1500-1815

  • The cruelty of the conquerors gave rise to the Black Legend, popularized by Protestant European states in their wars against Spain.

    H. Latin America, 1500-1800

  • In Spain During my college years I frequently found myself in trouble with certain professors, ardent Presbyterians mostly, who promulgated with vigour the notorious Black Legend, which held that Spanish culture, especially as manifested in Spain's colonies in the New World, was somehow degeria~rate and certainly less moral than what either England or France exhibited in their territories.


  • Black Legend is called and it was made from a lot of bullshit created to justify the attacks against us.

    Michael Yon - Online Magazine

  • Shortie vs. Black Legend - Somebody Posted By: ams09 | Date: 08 Apr 2009 06: 23 | Comments:

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  • The Black Legend • The Black Legend is about the world's view that the Spanish were cruel, intolerant and fanatical in the early modern world, primarily concerning Imperialism and the Spanish Inquisition.

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