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  • adjective Of the physicist David Bohm and his Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics.


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Bohm +‎ -ian


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  • There was, however, one physicist who wrote on this subject with even greater clarity and insight than Wigner himself, namely the very J.S. Bell whom Wigner praises for demonstrating the impossibility of a deterministic completion of quantum theory such as Bohmian mechanics.

    Bohmian Mechanics

  • It seems that there is no experiment distinguishing the MWI from other no-collapse theories such as Bohmian mechanics or other variants of MWI.

    Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Valentini seems to be working on a Bohmian approach to quantum mechanics (i.e., one in which the probabilities are all epistemic, and the theory is deterministic but nonlocal).

    Lee Smolin and the multiverse

  • Sort of a post-Bohmian view with de Broglie overtones – an ongoing incremental phase transition or vector alignment, depending on whether you're talking wave or particle behaviors.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • De Broglie (1928) and the school of “Bohmian mechanics”

    Bell's Theorem

  • On the other hand, Bohr's intuition that quantum mechanics as practised requires a classical domain would in fact be confirmed by decoherence, if it turns out that decoherence is indeed the basis for the phenomenology of quantum mechanics, as the Everettian and possibly the Bohmian analysis suggest.

    ...anything but love...

  • His revision of Nietzschean eternal recurrence theory is bolstered with vigorous quantum physics, Bohmian implicate order theorizing, neurology, binary brain studies, and classical epistemology.

    No Sophistry in Peakian Theory: Metro New York Audience to be Met With Grace and Skillful Argument

  • Bohm's quantum interpretation or "theory" works in relativity, or at least you can work up a Bohmian Klein-Gordon theory or even Dirac theory.

    If We Live in a Multiverse, How Many Are There? | Universe Today

  • Bohmian mechanics (Sheldon Goldstein) collapse theories (Giancarlo Ghirardi)

    Table of Contents

  • If free will exists, then a strictly Bohmian interpretation is untenable.

    The Black Hole War


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