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  • “In passing at a distance from the coast between the islands of Schooten and Furneaux and Point Hicks, the former being the northernmost of Captain Furneaux's observations here, and the latter the southernmost part which Captain Cook saw when he sailed along the coast, there has been no land seen, and from our having felt an easterly set of current and when the wind was from that quarter

    The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders

  • Rumor now said that the Governor did not consider Botany Bay an adequate site for this all-important experiment and had gone in a longboat to look at nearby Port Jackson, which Captain Cook had noted on his charts, but had not entered.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Janet Browne mentions some of these far-flung Linnaean protégés: Osbeck sailed to China, Solander was on board the Endeavour with Captain Cook and Joseph Banks, Gmelin went to Siberia, Koenig to Tranquebar wherever that is, and Carl Peter Thunberg got into imperial Japan, after which he published his Flora Japonica, by definition a work of island biogeography.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Somewhere to the south was the Isle of Desolation* where Captain Cook had once spent a very strange Christmas Day.

    Morgan’s Run

  • The Dutchman Abel Tasman left charts of his expedition more than a century ago, and of course we have the charts of Captain Cook and his subordinate Captain Furneaux, who went down to the bottom of the world and a land of ice on Cook’s second voyage.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Colonel Shewell, Lord Killeen, Colonel Doherty, Major Peel, and Captain Cook called on me to-day.

    Journal Kept During The Russian War: From The Departure Of The Army From England In April 1854, To The Fall Of Sebastopol

  • By the 15th of January they had struggled north to 36°and at noon saw Cape Dromedary, which Captain Cook had named for its resemblance to the Ship of the Desert.

    Morgan’s Run


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