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  • n. A heroic person, particularly one with exaggerated bravery and leadership characteristics.


From a character in Star Trek. (Wiktionary)


  • As THE SENITE transporter scrambled his molecules, Captain Kirk had no idea where he was headed, but he didn’t expect to end up where he had already been.


  • Despite the happy hordes milling around Dohama, Captain Kirk had no desire to spend the rest of his days in mindless carousing.


  • Captain Kirk bade Belkot and his crew good-bye and left them to their work.


  • CONSTANT RAIN CHILLED Captain Kirk to the marrow of his exhausted bones, but every pull of the oar brought them closer to the island, he hoped.


  • The two Angirans rose and joined Captain Kirk by the window where he was enjoying the view.

    Shadow Lord

  • Captain Kirk would have made a fine speech about how cultures needed to change and grow and overcome their warlike natures naturally the way Earthlings had, but Glory was tired and she didn't have a scriptwriter handy anyway.

    The Warslayer

  • In one episode of the original Star Trek TV series “Mirror, Mirror,” number 39, Captain Kirk enters a parallel universe where he meets a rather sinister, bearded Mr. Spock, plus other unsavory doubles of the nice-in-our-universe crew.

    The Edge of Evolution


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