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  • n. A Native American people, divided after 1832 into the Northern and Southern Cheyenne, inhabiting respectively southeast Montana and southern Colorado, with present-day populations in Montana and Oklahoma. The Cheyenne became nomadic buffalo hunters after migrating to the Great Plains in the 18th century and figured prominently in the resistance by Plains Indians to white encroachment.
  • n. A member of this people.
  • n. The Algonquian language of the Cheyenne.
  • The capital of Wyoming, in the southeast part of the state near the Nebraska and Colorado borders. It was founded in 1867 as a division point for the Union Pacific Railroad. Population: 55,300.

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  • proper n. A western member of the Algonquian branch of the Algic language family. Cheyenne is spoken in Oklahoma and on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana. There are currently (2005) approximately 1,200 Cheyenne-speakers in Montana and 500 in Oklahoma.
  • proper n. The capital of the State of Wyoming.
  • proper n. A female given name, A male given name of modern American usage.
  • n. A member of the Cheyenne tribe.

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  • n. a member of a North American Indian people living on the western plains (now living in Oklahoma and Montana)
  • n. the capital and largest city of Wyoming; located in the southeastern corner of the state
  • n. the Algonquian language spoken by the Cheyenne


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Canadian French, from Dakota šahíyela.


  • CHEYENNE - An appliance store in business for six decades in downtown Cheyenne has closed and filed for bankruptcy protection.

  • CHEYENNE - For more than a century, there was only one way to watch and testify before a Wyoming legislative committee: travel in person to Cheyenne.

  • CHEYENNE - Part of the cloverleaf intersection of Interstate 25 and I-80 at Cheyenne will be closed this week so repairs can be made to eastbound I-80.

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  • CHEYENNE - Leaders in Cheyenne are hoping more than three dozen city employees will take voluntary retirement packages to help the city save up to $1.5 million next fiscal year.

  • CHEYENNE - One after another Monday night, Cheyenne city employees came before City Council members offering a wide range of ideas about how the city can save money and, they hoped, their jobs.

  • CHEYENNE - The new police chief in Cheyenne is taking a $29,000 pay cut from his current job but says the cost of living is far less than in the Colorado mountain resort community he is leaving.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • CHEYENNE - A winter storm in southern and eastern Wyoming led the state Department of Transportation to close numerous roads in the Cheyenne area.

  • CHEYENNE - In one month, a Cheyenne teenager sent 10,000 text messages and received about the same - all while her family's plan did not include texting.

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  • CHEYENNE - The city of Cheyenne has laid off two city code inspectors.

  • CHEYENNE - Men's Health Magazine has ranked Cheyenne the second-quietest city out of 100 U.S.


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