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  • proper n. A taxonomic phylum within the superphylum Deuterostomia — animals having a notochord at some stage of their development.


Latin chorda ("chord, catgut, string") (Wiktionary)


  • I then would run my ancestry lines from Chordata (3) down to Metazoa (2) and from Metazoa to the ground line (1).

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  • We can repeat the exercise if you like for Metazoa, Chordata, etc.

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  • The upper branches (Chordata) still form a single tree.

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  • At some point in development, every species within Chordata, from sea squirts to sea lions, possesses a notochord.

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  • For example, the notochord is a character that provides internal structural support and unites all members of the phylum Chordata or chordates, animals with notochords and pharyngeal arches, among other characteristics.

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  • The rest of the vertebrates and the other three dozen animal phyla–arthropods among them–and even the invertebrate members of the phylum Chordata, were on their own to ride out the Flood however they could.

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  • The notochord is diagnostic of the phylum Chordata, to which we and all vertebrates belong although we, like most modern vertebrates, have it only when we are embryos.


  • Mammals are then grouped with the classes of other backboned animals, such as reptiles, into a "subphylum," Vertebrata, which is part of the "phylum" Chordata, containing all animals which have a nerve chord at some time in their life cycle.

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  • Finally, the Chordata are placed with all the other phyla of living creatures that are multicellular and "heterotrophic" (meaning they have to eat), into a "kingdom," Animalia.

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  • As for me, I have intentionally eaten only from the Chordata who hasn't?

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