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  • Claudius 1, Appius In full Appius Claudius Crassus. fl. fifth century B.C. Roman decemvir (451-449) whose actions provoked a plebian revolt and the overthrow of the decemvirs.
  • Claudius 2, Appius In full Appius Claudius Caecus. fl. fourth-third century B.C. Roman censor and consul who built the first Roman aqueduct and began construction of the Appian Way.

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  • proper n. A male given name.

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  • n. Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered; consolidated the Roman Empire and conquered southern Britain; was poisoned by his fourth wife Agrippina after her son Nero was named as Claudius' heir (10 BC to AD 54)


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From a Roman gens name derived from Latin claudus ("lame").


  • (Yes, this Claudius is a girl and I didn't change her name to Claudia lest anyone think she was named in honor of Claudia on General Hospital.)

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  • Patrick Malahide's Claudius is a shade too dessicated to be an ideal Claudius and David Calder's Polonius was badly affected on the first night by laryngitis.

    Hamlet - review

  • The emperor needed soldiers, so Claudius is reported to have issued an edict forbidding new marriages.

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  • As much as I love Patrick Stewart, I think Jacobi's Claudius is superior -- and he is just an aching joy to watch and listen to with Shakespare.


  • Political niceties were of no concern to Kirk, who was known as "Claudius Maximus," and "Kissing Claude," the latter a reference to his fondness for women and them for him.

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  • The voice of flattery was soon taught to repeat, that gods, who so hastily had snatched Claudius from the earth, rewarded his merit and piety by the perpetual establishment of the empire in his family.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Grandy’s more literary friends took note of the fact that his new Alsatian the puppy had been a gift from Ronnie was given the name of Claudius.

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  • Replacing a Caligula by a Claudius is a worthwhile endeavor, no doubt, but the Empire goes on, governed by pigs and hyenas, supported by sycophants.

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  • During the night, however, fearing lest Claudius would survive, she had called Claudius's physician, Xenophon, who was a friend of hers.

    The Women of the Caesars

  • He tells him to call Claudius and some other of his men: "I'd have them sleep on cushions in my tent."

    The Rising of the Court


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