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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Tinamidae.


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From the Ancient Greek words κρυπτός (kruptós, "covered, hidden"), οὐρά (ourá, "tail"), and -ellus, a Latin diminutive suffix. The genus name Crypturellus therefore means "small hidden tail"


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  • Some occur in the most humid parts ranging into the Chocó forest of Colombia such as Crypturellus berlepschi, Penelope ortoni, Aramides wolfi, Pyrrhura orcesi, Thalurania hypochlora, Scytalopus robbinsi, Cephalopterus penduliger, Dacnis berlepschi, Diglossa indigotica, Tangara johannae.

    Western Ecuador moist forests

  • Among the bird species the following are the commonest: military macaw Ara militaris (VU), rufescent tinamu Crypturellus cinnamomeus, spot‑bellied bobwhite Colinus leucopogon, great curassow Crax rubra, crested guan Penelope purpurascens, blue‑winged teal Anas discors, roseate spoonbill Ajaia ajaja, thick knee Burhinus bistriatus, jabiru Jabiru mycteria (VU), ibis Eudocimus albus and laughing falcon Herpetotheres cachinans.

    Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica

  • Some of the birds include the ñandú (Rhea americana), Crypturellus undulatus, Celeus lugubris, Heterospizias meridionalis, and others.

    Humid Chaco

  • A few species that are endemic include the Chiribiquete emerald (Chlorostilbon olivaresi) and grey-legged tinamou (Crypturellus duidae), and tamarin (Saguinus inustus).

    Caqueta moist forests

  • Among the 469 birds found here with a restricted distribution are two endemics, Chiribiquete emeralds (Chlorostilbon olivaresi) and grey-legged tinamous (Crypturellus duidae).

    Caqueta moist forests

  • Other birds that stand out include the macaws Ara spp., tinamous Crypturellus spp., parrots Amazona spp. and Piona spp.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil

  • The Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) sounds sad in the most beautiful way. (via MetaFilter)

    Songs of Brazilian Birds

  • The Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) sounds sad in the most beautiful way. (via MetaFilter)

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • Between the two areas there are at least 60 restricted range species including the Chocó tinamou (VU) (Crypturellus kerriae), Baudó oropendola (EN) (Psarocolius cassini), viridian dacnis (Dacnis viguieri), crested ant-tanager (Habia cristata), Lita woodpecker (Piculus litea), and plumbeous forest-falcon (EN) (Micrastur plumbeus) just to name a few.

    Chocó-Darién moist forests

  • Among the 482 birds reported for the Uatuma-Trombetas moist forests ecoregion are species of tinamous (Crypturellus spp.), parrots (Amazona spp.), macaws (Ara spp.), cookoos (Coccyzus spp.), pootoos (Nyctibius spp.), and tanagers (Tachyphonus spp.).

    Uatuma-Trombetas moist forests


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