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  • proper noun A taxonomic family within the superfamily Culicoidea — the mosquitoes.


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Culex +‎ -idae


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  • Lifestyles in freshwater include free-living crawling/swimming (Culicidae, Simulidae); those that are buried underneath rocks or sediment (Tabanidae); and those that dwell inside silk tubes that they have spun and attached to submerged rocks or plants (Chironomidae).

    Insecta (Aquatic) 2008

  • The thorax has three segments excepting the Culicidae (mosquitoes) which have one giant thoracic segment that forms the widest part of the body.

    Insecta (Aquatic) 2008

  • Having left the malarial countries it was not possible for me to verify the hypothesis I had put forward on the role of mosquitoes, and it is to Dr. Ronald Ross that we owe the demonstration that the malarial haematozoon and the closely related Haemamoeba malariae of birds complete several phases of their evolution in the Culicidae and are propagated by these insects.

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture 1967

  • He was the first to express the view that the malarial parasite must be found, outside the human body, as a parasite of Culicidae and, after this view had been proved by the patient researches of Ronald Ross, he played a large part in the enquiry on the relationships between Anopheles and malaria in the campaign undertaken against endemic disease in swamps, notably in Corsica and Algeria.

    Alphonse Laveran - Biography 1967

  • I have studied the Culicidae of France and of the French colonies and I have been able to show in a series of annotations published at the Academy of Sciences, or at the

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture 1967

  • From 1899, my principal work on malaria has had as the object, the study of the Culicidae in their relation to malarial endemicity and of the rational prophylaxis of this dreadful malady.

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture 1967

  • Corsica which had been considered free from these Culicidae.

    Alphonse Laveran - Nobel Lecture 1967

  • The arob may include various species of Culicidae (gnats), such as the mosquito; but the common flies are to this day in Egypt regarded as a

    Smith's Bible Dictionary 1884

  • But the dragon-fly is very ancient on the earth, and if, during the Devonian epoch, when it existed, it preyed on some blood-sucking insect from which or Culicidae have come, then these stupid little insects have certainly had ample time in which to learn well at least one lesson.

    The Naturalist in La Plata 1881

  • A vast number of captured animals were found within the bladders; some being crustaceans, but the greater number delicate, elongated larvae, I suppose of Culicidae.

    Insectivorous Plants Charles Darwin 1845


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