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  • If you've played the classic Atari ST title Dungeon Master you'll know the deal, but in this kind of game this control system is far less suitable.

    Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

  • You don't "win" at D&D — the storytelling interplay between you, your companions and the Dungeon Master is the point.

    So Long, Dungeon Master

  • I started playing an awful lot of roleplaying games around this time, and with supplements from that, early fantasy-styled computer games such as Dungeon Master, Bloodwych, and Legend, cracking through a load of Dragonlance, and David Eddings first two series or are they the same series with different covers?

    Abercrombie on Abercrombie

  • You work tirelessly to collect experience points, level up, and sometimes suffer a crushing blow dealt by the Dungeon Master – aka Google.

    tumblarity vs pagerank / what consumes me, bud caddell

  • Alan Is that the Dungeon Master school of writing?

    LEVERAGE: The 13th Step is "Shut Up About It Already."

  • We'd meet at the home of our Dungeon Master (the player who runs the game) once a week or so for ongoing adventures, where we'd meet monsters and acquire treasure.

    So Long, Dungeon Master

  • Our Dungeon Master and another player were the sons of the pastor at our Southern Baptist church.

    So Long, Dungeon Master

  • As far as I'm concerned, when I'm Dungeon Master, characters should only die if it's important to the dramatic arc of the story or if they annoy me.

    To Live and Die in Dungeons & Dragons

  • They must search for a way home and evil forces which want their powers for their own, all the time they are helped by a magical Dungeon Master.

    Filmstalker: Your youth on screen, is Hollywood missing something?

  • As far as Dungeon Master appearances go, this episode takes the cake with four separate scenes.

    Branded in the 80s!


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