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  • A country of northeast Africa bordering on the Red Sea. Once part of the Ethiopian kingdom of Aksum, it became an Italian colony in 1890 and was named after the Roman term for the Red Sea, Mare erythraeum. Captured by the British during World War II, Eritrea later became a federated part (1952) and then a province (1962) of Ethiopia, from which it gained its independence in 1993. Asmara is the capital and largest city. Population: 4,910,000.

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  • proper n. Country in Eastern Africa. Official name: State of Eritrea. Its capital city is Asmara.

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  • n. a province of N Ethiopia on the Red Sea.

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  • n. an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea; achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993


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From Latin Erythraea.


  • TEKLE HEDRU, ERITREA ELECTRIC AUTHORITY: For Eritrea, this is the biggest power plant.

    CNN Transcript Sep 8, 2001

  • ERITREA: REBELS CLAIM KILLING 11 GOVERNMENT SOLDIERS wounded some 20 others in a coordinated attack on military camps in southern Eritrea.


  • I remember one Canadian professor in defense of unity saying, eritrea's Independence was accepted by the UN only because the Ethiopians accepted it. so basically, Eritrea is a fraud committed by Meles and Isayas. there is nothing legal about eritrea, therefor you can not apply law when it comes to dealing with them. observer, next time avoid personal attacks such using the ambassadors look as an example. it is a turn off.


  • I am solely responsible for this comment and agree to abide by the Extraterrestrial [Visitor] i am with you all the way. alienating the ruling party is not the way when it comes to dealing with eritrea. after all, that is exactly what the Eritrea want. but rather making the government part of the solution is the only way forward. you said it well, what's taken by gun can only be returned with gun.


  • But similar reports have been circulating since mid-2008, when an Islamist opposition faction based in Eritrea joined the secular government in a U. N.-sponsored power-sharing deal.

    Somali Sufi Group Backs Out of Government Power-Sharing Deal

  • Mr. Keflezighi was born in Eritrea and escaped the worn-torn nation with his family, arriving in California when he was 12.

    Running for the Red, White and Blue

  • If you know folks in Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, or East Timor, encourage them to round the total out (We've pretty much given up on North Korea).

    Bill McKibben: Not Bad Timing: Obama Announces White House Solar Right Before Giant Global Day of Climate Solutions (10/10/10)

  • Stieg spent part of it in Eritrea, where he had contacts in the Marxist EPLF liberation movement and helped to train a company of women guerrillas in the use of grenade launchers.

    Stieg Larsson 'spent year training Eritrean guerrillas'

  • I saw women who had traveled enormous personal distancestraditional village women in Eritrea who became platoon leaders in the country's independence war; Kurdish women who led their families to safety over mined mountain passes after the failure of their uprising against Saddam Hussein.

    A Conversation with Geraldine Brooks about People of the Book

  • I’d be willing to bet that most folks in this country don’t even know what continent Eritrea is on (it’s Africa), let alone the characteristics of the indigenous stew.

    A Little Piece of Eritrea Near City Hall | Midtown Lunch: Downtown NYC


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