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Escherichia coli


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  • proper n. A taxonomic species within the genus Escherichia — the bacteria E. coli.


From Escherichia + Latin coli, genitive of colon, from Ancient Greek κῶλον (kōlon, "limb, leg, arm"). (Wiktionary)


  • Mechanisms causing rapid and parallel losses of ribose catabolism in evolving populations of Escherichia coli B. J. Bacteriol.

    The Edge of Evolution

  • FRANKFURT—German officials said late Sunday that domestically grown bean sprouts may be the source of the Escherichia coli outbreak that has killed 22 people and sickened at least 1,600.

    Bean Sprouts Are New E. Coli Suspect

  • World-Wide German agricultural authorities said bean sprouts might have caused the Escherichia coli bacterial scare, saying a bean-sprout farm tested positive and deliveries had been tied to restaurants where diners suffered infections.

    What's News—

  • But weeks into the severe Escherichia coli bacterial outbreak that appears to have emanated in or near this port city, the mystery infection has taken an economic toll here as many worried consumers swear off eating these foods.

    Hamburg Restaurants Just Say No to Vegetables

  • 117 All this has been achieved with the bacterium Escherichia coli : Lenski E. coli research from Lenski and Travisano 1994.



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