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  • It formerly bore grass four feet high, because many umbelliferous plants, such as Heracleum spondylium, Spiraea ulmaria, Laserpitium latifolia, etc., grew in it.

    Earth as Modified by Human Action, The~ Chapter 03 (historical)

  • The grass layer includes: Milium effusum, Aconitum barbatum, A. volubile, Heracleum sibiricum, Calamagrostis epigeios, C. arundinacea, C. macilenta, and C. obtusata.

    Sayan montane conifer forests

  • Normal butyric acid or fermentation butyric acid is found in butter, as an hexyl ester in the oil of _Heracleum giganteum_ and as an octyl ester in parsnip (_Pastinaca sativa_); it has also been noticed in the fluids of the flesh and in perspiration.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"

  • The consul meanwhile sent Popilius with 2000 men from Phila to Heracleum.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • P. Scipio Nasica and Q. Fabius Maximus, his own son, were sent overland to Heracleum with 5000 select troops, as though they were going on board the fleet to devastate the Macedonian coast-the scheme which had been advocated in the council.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • Now that Heracleum was taken, the consul encamped there, apparently with the intention of marching to Dium and, after driving the king from there, on to Pieria.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • He decided to take these men as guides, and sent for Octavius, to whom he explained his plans, and he gave him instructions to sail to Heracleum and have in readiness ten days 'rations for 1000 men.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • When they had descended into the level country between Heracleum and Libethrum, they formed their camp.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • C. Marcius sailed with his fleet from Heracleum to Thessalonica and disembarking armed forces on many points along the coast devastated the country far and wide.

    The History of Rome, Vol. VI

  • This is the very center of the mythologic world; there between Olympus and Ossa is the Vale of Tempe, where the Peneus, breaking through a narrow gorge fringed with the sacred laurel, reaches the gulf, south of ancient Heracleum.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 8 Italy and Greece, Part Two


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