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  • An island of Indonesia separated from Borneo by the Java Sea, an arm of the western Pacific Ocean. Center of an early Hindu Javanese civilization, Java was converted to Islam before the arrival of the Europeans (mainly the Dutch) in the late 16th century.
  • A trademark used for a programming language designed to develop applications, especially ones for the Internet, that can operate on different platforms.

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  • proper n. An island of Indonesia in the Malay Archipelago.
  • proper n. An object-oriented, garbage-collected computer programming language.
  • proper n. JavaScript, when no distinction is made between it and Java.
  • n. A chicken of the Java breed which was developed in the United States.


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Possibly from Sanskrit  (yava-dvipa, "island of barley"). Used in reference to coffee grown on Java and nearby islands since at least 1850.


  • Ok, I uninstalled Java, reinstalled it under C: \Java, set the Java Virtual Machine Path in the CF Administrator, ... and still the same problem: - (

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  • Vienna's Jammin 'Java is launching its own imprint with local "front porch pop" band Deep River.

    Sugarland tops Kings of Leon on charts; Grohl, Novoselic, Vig back together; Bon Jovi to Verizon, Wu-Tang to Falls Church

  • Hey there, Now that Java is also running on Google App Engine, would that be possible to see such an implementation of a CDN, in Java, on GAE?

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  • Food Inspection Decision No. 82, which limited the use of the term Java to coffee grown on the island of Java, was sustained in a service and regulatory announcement issued in January, 1916.

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  • Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Yakov with the title Java Champion.

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  • Currently most large internet systems are written in Java, which is not exactly famous for its briefness.

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  • The technology only lasts a few years (I am not talking the term Java but different frameworks within Java). while i know everything in this article is true, i have personally found the opposite problem. i am a young, inexpierenced programmer willing to take minimum pay and work long hours just so i can learn and work in a startup, but most startups want you to have an extensive portfolio, almost all programming jobs call for a minimum of three to five years of prior expierence. its hard to get those five years when everyone wants them. it seems most small startups are not willing to train new developers on average, and would prefer to pay slighty more for a rockstar developer or a ninja programmer.

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  • Sun didn't prevent them from using their own proprietary Java; Sun just got them to stop with the proprietary twists and still call it "Java".


  • Sun said (and I repeat): You can do anything you damn well please, but don't call it "Java" (and parenthetically, don't pretend that it's open-source/open-system).


  • MORPH)); rs = engine. search (j2); which will search for the term Java (and morphological variations) only in that exact case.

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