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  • n. A follower of Molinism.


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  • On Molinist principles, it is difficult to see how Oswald's not pulling the trigger in those circumstances could have become actual.

    Process Theism

  • Jansenist or Molinist; we, on the contrary, occupy the Being of

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Among the great and little vulgar may be found pious herb-women, Molinist duchesses, scrupulous seamstresses who would go to the stake for anabaptism, devout hackney-coachmen, most determined in the cause of Luther or of

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • I doubt not that as soon as a Jansenist shall have written a book to demonstrate that one and two are three, a Molinist will start up and demonstrate that two and one are five.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • The parliament was willing to resist a Molinist archbishop and his satellites, when they refused burial to all who should die without having received a certificate of conformity to the famous bull Unigenitus, which proscribed


  • In light of this, we can only conclude that the Molinist effort to reconcile creaturely freedom with God's omniscience and sovereignty as creator fails.

    Divine Providence

  • That is, the strongest we can say in favor of the Molinist position is that we have reasons to think that if it is true, it solves problems; the strongest we can say in favor of the anti-Molinist position is that we have reasons to think that it is true. posted by Brandon | 9:15 PM

    Against Molinism: The Shorter Argument

  • The Molinist needs to find a fourth option that shows us that there is actually work for middle knowledge to do.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • But, unless the grounding objection is answered, there are direct reasons for taking a non-Molinist position e.g., the ones given above.

    Against Molinism: The Shorter Argument

  • The failure to recognize this as a possibility undergirds many Molinist arguments.2

    Archive 2005-08-01


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