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  • proper n. A female given name used since the twentieth century.


Originally the French spelling of Надя (Nádja), an informal Russian pet form of the virtue name Надежда (Nadéžda, Nadezhda) "hope". (Wiktionary)


  • Nadia is not as impressive a singer as Carrie or Vonzelle, but she certainly makes up for it by looking comfortable on the stage.

    AI4 – Group of 9

  • Nadia is skimming by with everything that she does.

    AI4 – Group of 9

  • So saying, she called Nadia back to her side, and entered the

    The Gambler

  • While Jazz made her phone call Nadia knelt at the chair and got back to the part that confused her the most.


  • So saying, she called Nadia back to her side, and entered the Casino, where she joined the rest of our party.

    The Gambler

  • The Egyptian sister contacted me due to my name Nadia, thinking I was an Arab. - Building a global movement for Khilafah

  • Nadia is clearly better than he is and her leaving before Scott is extremely sad even though I knew she’s another one that wouldn’t have won it all.

    AI4 – Results – Round of 8

  • You can tag along with V.I. Warshawski as she runs towards the shots and a victim known as Nadia in an excerpt at our website.

    Paretsky's PI Uncovers Murder In Chicago

  • I have meant to call Nadia but it still seems too weird.

    after the kiss

  • One of the most unexpected disappointments of my life came at the hands of a woman I will call Nadia Gmez.

    Make Your Life Prime Time


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