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  • proper n. A large aquatic creature, similar to the Loch Ness monster, which supposedly lives in Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.


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  • A man in British Columbia believes he has evidence of the mysterious creature known as Ogopogo, which supposedly resides in Lake Okanagan.

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  • An investigation in British Columbia's Okanagan Lake for a sea creature known as Ogopogo, first sighted in the 1870's.

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  • He is one of that distant breed of Canadians which is born, and nurtures itself, in that exciting and even glorious-perhaps awe-inspiring-empire "on the other side of the Rocky Mountains" sometimes referred to as the land of the "Ogopogo", "Lotus Land", or the land of the "Susquatch" -- that weird creature that is supposed to leave oversized footprints in the snows of British Columbia's beautiful mountain scenery.

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  • A B.C. woman saw a wave: (News source.) Don't tell Robyn Holman that Ogopogo doesn't exist.

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  • Scotland has its Loch Ness monster and B.C. its Ogopogo.

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  • Can you image the adventures of Ogopogo and Bigfoot together as they partner up with a Chupacabra and Cadborosaurus to rescue the Yeti and the Mongolian Death Worm from the clutches of the evil king Thunderbird and his Mokele-mbembe hordes?

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  • In his previous entries, Where Legends Roam and Naitaka, the character has investigated cryptids such as Sasquatch and Ogopogo, and yes found them.

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  • Et pourrait fournir, par un processus de déplacement ‘à nageoires sèches’, le passage dans le lack Okanagan, toujours en Colombie Brittanique, du monstre de Ogopogo.

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  • These questions have never yet been resolved in great detail and so they remain speculative curiosities much like the Ogopogo and Area 51.

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  • Just go down to the lake and wait for Ogopogo yourself.

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