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  • Perihelion of Nibiru should be circa above orbit of Venus.

    2012: NASA's Scientific Reality Check | Universe Today

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  • E.D. welcomed this as an opportunity to reclaim Perihelion (and his own reputation), and he's wasting no time capitalizing on the paranoia in the White House.


  • The Perihelion "compound," when I reached it, was nothing as grim as the word suggested.


  • Two years had passed since the enclosure of Mars, and rumors of layoffs abounded at Perihelion.


  • On my way to the parking lot I stopped at the wooden hoarding where the new addition to Perihelion was under construction.


  • He turned Perihelion into a dollar windfall for the aerospace industry and he did it by making friends and forging political alliances in high places.


  • And when this wine was decanted, inevitably, rumors would sweep the halls of Perihelion: gamma radiation up, indicating some violent event in the stellar neighborhood; new striations on Jupiter as the sun pumped more heat into its turbulent atmosphere; a vast, fresh crater on the moon, which no longer kept one face aligned with Earth but turned its dark side toward us in slow rotation.


  • This was as close as Wun had come to complaining about his position at Perihelion, his position on Earth.


  • The Perihelion campus — which Jason had called, alarmingly, "the compound" — was located well south of the Canaveral/Kennedy launch platforms where its strategies were transformed into physical acts.



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