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  • n. A minor social movement in the USA in the nineteenth century, promoting white superiority, a diet and exercise regime, and the supposed ability to develop control over the minds of others.


Everett Ralston, pseudonym of founder Webster Edgerly (1852-1926), and -ism. (Wiktionary)


  • Between 1894 and 1895, Webster Edgerly, the charismatic leader of a social movement known as Ralstonism, bought up large chunks of farmland along the northern slope of central New Jersey's Hopewell Valley.

    Hidden History of Ralston Heights

  • Webster Edgerly (here dressed as Christopher Columbus) founded Ralstonism, a social movement that promised members good health, longevity, and telepathic ability.

    Hidden History of Ralston Heights

  • Was the estate laid out according to the principles of Ralstonism?

    Hidden History of Ralston Heights


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