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  • In this one, a young boy named Harvey Swick is whisked off to a magical mansion at invitation of a mysterious stranger called Rictus.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • The subplots evolve around the fates of several individual soldiers of the Macht and a few other side characters: the young conscripts Gasca and Rictus of Isca, centurion Jason of Ferai, Vorus – the renegade general of the Assurian Empire, and Tyrin, the lowborn Kufr concubine of the upstart prince.

    Paul Kearney - The Ten Thousand (Book Review)

  • Driven by the dark magic of the new Locust, the Bonevillains assault the city of Atheia while the desperate Portsmouthers led by Annie and Rictus Bone close in on them from behind.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • In this chapter, we'll learn a little more about the gruesome monstrous birth seen in the preceding chapter, and we'll join Annie and Rictus as they contact the humans.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • A self-contained follow-up to The Ten Thousand, the new book sees the soldiers of the Macht unified by a charasmatic new leader, Corvus, who seeks out the famous warleader Rictus to aid him in his mission, but Rictus wants nothing more than to retire peacefully.

    Paul Kearney update and cover art

  • Led by Phoney Bone, the army of ne'er-do-well Bonevillains draws closer to the Valley's border while, hot on their tail, Rictus and Annie Bone lead a copiously armed group of grizzled human soldiers.

    Fan Fiction Update

  • Will Rictus Bone stop Phoney's mad plan to bathe the Valley in pointless bloodshed?

    Fan Fiction Update

  • The only hope now may be a small band of humans led by schoolteacher Annie Bone and Boneville's disgraced ex-mayor, Rictus.

    Fan Fiction Update

  • It should be against the law to hustle John McCain in a poker-game, because his "tell" is so freaking obvious: whenever he's spoken a lie that he knows flat-out is a lie, he stops dead in his tracks and suddenly performs a nightmarish combo of The Rictus and The Blink, a rapid eye-flutter that reads like a Bettie Boop parody and should not be attempted by anyone even vaguely male.

    John Eskow: Seventeen Tired White People In a Room: John McCain Gives the Single Worst Speech In the History of American Politics

  • Yes, we dont get pages and pages of Rictus or Jason pondering life and the decisions they have made.

    Review: The Ten Thousand by Paul Kearney


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