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  • proper noun A taxonomic family within the superfamily Scarabaeoidea — the lamellicorn beetles.


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Scarabaeus +‎ -oidea


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  • Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany also has a very rich and varied scarab or dung beetle (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) fauna.

    Biological diversity in Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany 2008

  • Numerous insect groups (Orthoptera, Homoptera, Tenebrionidae, Meloidae, Curculionidae, and Scarabaeidae) are well adapted to the arid desert steppe.

    Gobi Lakes Valley desert steppe 2007

  • Not all beetles will permit this of course, as many flightless species have their elytra fastened down, and some, such as many Scarabaeidae, flip their flying wings out pen-knife-like without noticeably raising the elytra.

    Practical Taxidermy A manual of instruction to the amateur in collecting, preserving, and setting up natural history specimens of all kinds. To which is added a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of museums. With additional instructions in modelling and artistic taxidermy. Montagu Browne

  • The grubs of the Chafers (Scarabaeidae) are also root-eaters, but they are less active in their habits than the wireworms, and the cuticle of their somewhat stout bodies is, for the most part, pale and flexible; only the head and legs are hard and horny.

    The Life-Story of Insects 1902

  • All three operate below ground, under the most unfavourable conditions; and all three have for their victim a larva of one of the Scarabaeidae, which, thanks to the exceptional arrangement of its nerve-centres, lends itself, alone of all larvae, to the Wasp's successful enterprises.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869

  • Environment, diet, industry and internal structure are all similar; and yet one of these three larvae, the Cetonia's, reveals a most singular dissimilarity from its fellow-trenchermen: alone among the Scarabaeidae and, more than that, alone in all the immense order of insects, it walks upon its back.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869

  • In the same heap of mould is a swarming colony of Scarabaeidae in the form of larvae, nymphs and adult insects.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869

  • If I could at least identify the Scarabaeidae whose larvae form the prey of the two Scoliae, the problem would be half solved.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869

  • We know that, in the Scarabaeidae, both the larva and the perfect insect are endowed with a concentrated nervous system.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869

  • Buprestes of the Cerceres; and this is why it has fallen to their lot to share among them the larvae of the Scarabaeidae.

    More Hunting Wasps Jean-Henri Fabre 1869


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