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  • proper n. A constructed language based on Welsh.


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Developed by J. R. R. Tolkien and mainly spoken by the Elves in his fantasy works. The word Sindarin itself is not of Sindarin origin: it is a Quenya term for the language that was probably referred to as Edhellen in the language. It is the genitive form of Sindar, the name of the people who spoke it.


  • Still trying to master a few phrases in Sindarin, like the incantations of my spells and a few greetings and such.


  • Was amused to notice the other night that on top of Caradharas, while Gandalf and Saruman are duelling with storms, the subtitles on the DVD state that they're chanting in Sindarin and Quenya.

    Fellowship Trivia

  • I stole his name from Sindarin and I hope nobody from Tolkien-land sues me like they sued that store or whatever that had a Middle Earth name.

    Wild Mind: Writing as Spiritual Practice | Write to Done

  • My new character looks exactly the same, but is named Mithwen, instead of Merricat, as I was in the mood for Sindarin (Mith = "grey" + the suffix wen, "maiden").

    Things to do in Providence when your...

  • Fantasy world-building may be a good place to look for clues in this respect - nobody had ever heard of Quenya or Sindarin before Tolkien, but after a while the reader gets to recognise related groups of names and thereby infer cultural connections, even without needing to know about the invented languages in any detail.

    Pictish female names

  • Turin is captivated by “the Sindarin tongue”, “older, and ... richer in beautiful words”.

    The Abyss and the Critics

  • The differences between Qenya Elvish and Sindarin Elvish, we've been really careful not to muddle them up, to make sure the grammar is correct.

    March 2006

  • I have memories of panels at early Mythcons, which found it necessary to explain that gosh, folks, European languages are mostly related to each other, not just those descended from Latin, and even to Sanskrit, and that Tolkien INTENDED Quenya and Sindarin to be related in the same way.

    Possible Indy Nokes Sighting

  • I was a poetry-reciting, One-Ring wielding, Sindarin-speaking Friend of Frodo, and to win an award for carrying on the spirit of something that shaped me utterly is kind of like having your whole life vindicated.


  • Acute Tolkien fans will recall that the Sindarin for ‘lonely’ is ereb.

    We’re foot — slog — slog — slog — sloggin’ over Languages


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