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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of abject.


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  • This example in particular brings that home, in the elimination of ethnic diversity that has taken place, and now -- now -- the closing down of protest: that this is about the fucking active exclusion of the abjected from the mainstream.

    Racebending and Integration

  • And those of us who watch those media, as members of any group abjected on the basis of some marker of deviance from that default, we thirst for stories in which we are represented.

    A Sodomite's Sermon

  • Transgender rage is the subjective experience of being compelled to transgress what Judith Butler has referred to as the highly gendered regulatory schemata that determine the viability of bodies, of being compelled to enter a “domain of abjected bodies, a field of deformation” that in its unlivability encompasses and constitutes the realm of legitimate subjectivity.

    My Words To Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix — Performing Transgender Rage

  • The former -- when we're talking about homosexuality, rather than your bugaboos of incest, etc. -- is a variant behaviour which is used to mark out another group as deviants to be abjected by the unethical who justify their prejudice as morality.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • Further, acting to "defend" the social/natural/divine order from the demonised (i.e. abjected) transgressor/transgression by, for example, instilling that same loathing in others generates a pride in this (self -) righteous action.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • But still, let us make one last attempt to answer your questions as regards how such a terrible state affairs can come to pass as the head of a television network agreeing with an abjected minority that their under-representation is a problem worth tackling.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • I see this in Scottish writing, IMO, and I know Scott Bakker has talked about it in respect to Canadian writing -- a more institutionalised aversion to the abjected "genre".

    What is Literary Fiction?

  • We should be aware of the sometimes ill-considered hostilities that emerge from a history of abjection, the knee-jerk antipathy to the “enemy”, the complementary attempt to abject from “genre fiction” that which we, in turn, identify by markers-of-difference as “literary fiction” (the most common such markers being the low-level structural complexities that many readers of the abjected genres of strange fiction themselves abject as “style”).

    What is Literary Fiction?

  • Yes, there was this obsolescent, gauche, puerile, schlocky, kitschy wank for inadequate fanatics, but this Sci-Fi was abjected even as it was recognised, considered something other to the “real” science fiction.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Literary fiction is no more free of the strangeness that is abjected as “being genre” than white people are free of the epidermal tonality that is abjected as “being coloured”.

    What is Literary Fiction?


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