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  • noun Obsolete form of acquaintance.


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  • By the brothers, cosens, vncles, great grand sires and such like acquaintaunce of their ghestes, they drink of the best, they sit rente free, they haue their owne Table spreade to their handes, without wearing the strings of theor pursse, or any thing else, but householde and honestie.

    The More Things Change II

  • To whom the olde woman particularlye recompted her whole acquaintaunce, how she dwelt of long time in

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • Then they began to enter into mutual acquaintaunce, one reioycing at an others meting.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • _Three yonge men hauing fondlye consumed all that they had, became verie poore, whose nephewe (as he retourned out of Englande into Italie,) by the waye fell into acquaintaunce with an abbote, whome (vpon further familiaritie) he knewe to be the king of Englandes doughter, whiche toke him to husbande.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • Is not the wysedome of nature manifest in this, that after the cunning workman the bloud, hath framed in the inward parts euery body of man, straight way when the time of byrthe approcheth, the same bloude infudeth himselfe into the vpper partes, and is readie to nourishe the rudimentes of lyfe and lighte, offeringe acquaintaunce and familiar sustinance to the new borne?

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • The yonge dame, which had first seene this pursse, and marked the acquaintaunce between the old woman and him, to assaie by what meanes she might get that moneye, or at leaste some part thereof, subtelly asked the old woman what man that was, of whence, what he did there, and how he knew her.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • Ah Mr. Sheriffe, you and I haue bin of olde acquaintaunce, you were a pacient Auditor of mine, when I read the diuinitie lecture at St. Lauraunces.

    Sir Thomas More

  • Englishmen, and, namely, one of myne acquaintaunce of Ratclife, had not defended them.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. Vol. XIII. America. Part II.

  • Then he said to his wife: “Thou wicked woman, amonges al other most detestable: for so much as thou hast had no respecte to that houourable state, whereunto fortune hath aduaunced thee, being made by my meanes of a simple damosell, a greate Ladie, and because thou hast preferred the lasciuious acquaintaunce of one of my subiects, before the chast loue, that thou oughtest to haue borne me: my determination is, that from henceforth thou shalt kepe continuall company with him, to the vttermost day of thy life: because his putrified carcase hath giuen occasion to ende thy wretched body.”

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • Hereunto haue I added a certain Glosse or scholion for thexposition of old wordes & harder phrases: which maner of glosing and commenting, well I wote, wil seeme straunge & rare in our tongue: yet for somuch as I knew many excellent & proper deuises both in wordes and matter would passe in the speedy course of reading, either as vnknowen, or as not marked, and that in this kind, as in other we might be equal to the learned of other nations, I thought good to take the paines vpon me, the rather for that by meanes of some familiar acquaintaunce I was made privy to his counsell and secret meaning in them, as also in sundry other works of his.

    Shepheardes Calendar


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