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across the desk


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  • He was shooting so many daggers across the desk at me that I had trouble looking at him.


  • He shoved the paper-weight off with such enthusiasm that it rolled across the desk and off to the floor.

    The Black Mountain

  • The metamorphosis was so fast and the movement afterward was so quick that no one can say for sure, but most observers agree that the Reverend Brother Freddy looked a lot like a cross between a giant bullfrog and an orange python in the brief second before he — it — leaped across the desk with one thrash of its powerful tail and lashed itself around Vanni Fucci from crotch to throat.

    Prayers To Broken Stones

  • We each said how-do-you-do, and he reached across the desk top while my hand rose to shake his, but instead of taking my hand he took my wrist between thumb and fingers.

    Time and Again

  • Squirming to help, Nora gasped as her elbow knocked against a neat stack of files, sending them spilling across the desk and floor.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • Cousin George, his collar and tie unloosed, his swollen face purple and sagging, wallowed across the desk which now had a surface like a four-ale bar on a Saturday night.

    Police at the Funeral

  • She tapped the large envelope with one unpolished nail, then slid it across the desk to Montoya.


  • The two associates, Mary DiNunzio and Judy Carrier, sat across the desk like Mutt and Jeff with J.D. degrees.


  • I took the proffered chair, across the desk from him, and nearly quailed before his ferrety glower.

    A Monstrous Regiment of Women


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