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  • adj. Botany Not cyclic. Used especially of flowers whose parts are arranged in spirals rather than in whorls, as in magnolias.
  • adj. Chemistry Having an open-chain molecular structure rather than a ring-shaped structure.

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  • adj. not cyclic; having an open chain structure
  • adj. not cyclic

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  • adj. Of a flower, having its parts inserted spirally on the receptacle.
  • adj. Having an open-chain structure; aliphatic.

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  • In botany, not cyclic; not arranged in whorls.
  • In dynamics, not having the property of whirling or moving in circles.
  • Irregular in course; not occurring with normal periodicity.
  • In chem., containing no cycle or ring: said of organic compounds which contain no ring of atoms.

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  • adj. not cyclic; especially having parts arranged in spirals rather than whorls
  • adj. having an open chain structure


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a- +‎ cyclic


  • The basic model creates acyclic graphs because old nodes never link to new nodes.

    The Weasel Thread

  • In later versions of the model, some rewiring was also introduced to make sure that the graph that is generated is not acyclic.

    The Weasel Thread

  • There was the handmade paper phase, the hand-bound journal phase, the acyclic paint phase, the scrap booking phase, the Fimo clay phase, the beading phase, the homemade head band phase, the hemp jewelry phase, ACK!

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The question is, using the current algorithm, will the final acyclic graph be different if this cycle resolution was done ahead of time?

    Debt Shuffling « Notes from the BillMonk

  • Listed are several of these oxidizing reactions. alcohol dehydrogenation aldehyde dehydrogenation alkyl/acyclic hydroxylation aromatic hydroxylation deamination desulfuration


  • Researchers report in the recent issue of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research that they've found a way to coat Kevlar with a potent substance, acyclic N-Halamine, that can kill infectious agents, including bacteria, viruses and the spores that cause anthrax.

    Material World: Kevlar Now Fights Germs

  • They use directed acyclic graphs and associated probability distributions to construct causal models.

    Causal Decision Theory

  • In directed acyclic graphs, nodes doubly represent variables with a range of values and occurrences with a range of possibilities, and links doubly represent structural equations and causal parenthood.

    The Metaphysics of Causation

  • Reply obviously standards must be developed adn adhered to in order to improve the disjointed tracking of of the non primary secondary tertiary etc conversation graph. i'm amazed we've suffered through this primitive system so long already. we need multi-directional acyclic graph mechanisms that span trackbacks AND comments. wake up people! dav

    The Ultimate Commenting Experience - Anil Dash

  • Since these sets must be acyclic, i.e., no element in a causal set can causally precede itself, CTCs are ruled out a priori.

    Time Machines


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