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  • adj. Alternative spelling of adiaphorous.

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  • n. Plural of adiaphoron.


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  • It is what the Lutherans call adiaphora--things "indifferent" or non-essential.

    You have taken her to yourself

  • Neither does it lie in the observance of other things which are called adiaphora, but because the kingdom of

    Apology of the Augsburg Confession

  • (and always defer to the Epistles over the Gospels); (7) mission means importing their debates and factions to other churches; and (8) The word "adiaphora" is considered an almost expletive ...

  • The answer to the question “what are things like by nature?” is given by a sequence of three epithets; things are said to be adiaphora and astathmêta and anepikrita.


  • Nominal Protestants like Lady Ashton identify liberality with an extreme tolerationist position, which holds that all visible differences are fundamentally adiaphora things indifferent.

    The Little Professor:

  • If the matter is adiaphora that sort of disagreement could be acceptable, but if it's adiaphora it becomes less clear to me why the diocese insists that only male priests can serve in the diocese for longer than whatever the grace period is.

    Common sense trumps bad theology

  • Rather, he views them as "indifferents" (adiaphora).

    Moral Character

  • You could say that the latter has a more fully developed understanding of adiaphora.

    George M Marsden: Fundamentalism and American Culture

  • It is a rebuke to the church: it is a prominent signal of the church's failure to communicate the truth of the gospel and to allow itself to be caught up in ephemera and adiaphora - all the things which are ultimately of no importance, which have obscured that which is of paramount and eternal importance.

    Da Vinci Code: the real challenge to the church

  • With respect to heresy, they raised the question of what could be accepted as individualistic adiaphora in the Christian confession.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas


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