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  • n. A person who has specific controls to a forum/website/etc. that allows them to control the forum/website/etc.
  • n. A person who controls specific network.
  • v. To serve as an administrator for or of.


Shortening of administrator or administration. (Wiktionary)


  • "Set the $admin variable near the top to your board's admin user name" - What exactly does this bit mean? www. myforum/manage_bots. php but I get an HTTP 500 Error and the page is not displayed.

  • "Set the $admin variable near the top to your board's admin user name" - What exactly does this bit mean?

  • There is nothing to change. syd: ~ admin$ yet in network tab of server admin shows DNS Name as mail.

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • In non-domain environments, the default system shares (admin$, c$) are not accessible remotely by admin users, even if File and Print Sharing is enabled and the Windows Firewall allows inbound connections.

    TechNet Blogs

  • (but it can be disabled from the admin panel) •admin Panel: - New Projects

  • The term admin was used loosely here since some were merely moderators of the forums.


  • Was it not GHW Bush one who said his admin is a new world order? and the cult trolls really believe that the wrong side party has there best interest.

    Think Progress » Health insurers spent $38 million lobbying Congress in 2009.

  • More the kind of aggressive tactics Rove and Cheney (anyone remember Ken Star) have made the Republican playbook for years so if the Obama admin is able to "hit back harder", which I'm not thinking they did, THEN, WOW, GO TEAM! trying to be reasonable in WV

    Latest ethics complaints should be 'a wake-up call,' Palin says

  • The Obama admin is aiding the enemy terrorists with this type of thing. and lowering the hard work our agents do because now they will not do what is necessary to save our country if they can be prosecuted for what they did under a prior admin.

    Dem on CIA probe: 'No one is above the law'

  • The Obama admin is the biggest tax and spend bunch in the history of govt.

    Obey questions Afghan war, explains his war tax proposal


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