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  • Actually, the verse has YHWH (adonai) talking to a thoroughly human Lord (adoni).

    When Did The Word Become Flesh?

  • Baruch atta adonai, eloheinu melech ha'olam, borai p'ri hagafen

    This is funny! Good for a chuckle...

  • -- Once, he began, to the west of this valley lay the meidan of a powerful adonai, a man of fabulous wealth and power that stretched out all across this land.

    The Face Of The Divine

  • This was no simple work of gardening, for within those grounds the adonai had specimens of even the very rarest plants and trees, prized for their aphrodisiac or medicinal, perhaps magical properties.

    The Face Of The Divine

  • -- My father loved learning with a passion equaled only by his love for my mother, and he used this knowledge in the service of the adonai, keeper of his gardens, managing the meidan with care.

    The Face Of The Divine

  • -- The adonai had a walled garden filled with every tree of fruit and flower, every bush and herb of the known world, sight and scents and tastes more exquisite than any artisan of paint, perfume or pot could ever hope to imitate.

    The Face Of The Divine

  • Ethan led a musical workshop on the thirteen attributes of god text adonai, adonai, el rachum vechanun….

    Moving Towards Days of Awe | Jewschool

  • "Perry Farrel" - the former front man of the Alpha Band Jane's Addiction who is also the only person in the history of the world ever to use the phrase "baruch atah adonai" to bless a crack pipe. previous - next

    truckeratlas Diary Entry

  • The best you can hope for is that you end up, like Perry Farrel, humming "baruch atah adonai" in your own private version of the fifth circle of hell: spinning Jewish hymnal music over tribal dance beats to coked out rave kids in Venice Beach, California.

    truckeratlas Diary Entry

  • "Baruch attah adonai, elohainu melech haolahm, shehecheyanu v'keeyamanu v'heegeeyanu lazmahn hazeh. 13lessed art Thou, 0 Eternal, our God, King of the Universe, who has preserved us, sustained us, and allowed us to enjoy this season."

    Day of Honor


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