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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of adrenalectomize.
  • adj. Having been adrenalectomized (subjected to adrenalectomy).


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  • In the toad and in the dog, adrenalectomy diminishes but does not suppress the diabetogenic effect of the anterior lobe extract, which can be obtained in adrenalectomized dogs, in which the pancreas has been surgically reduced, and which are kept alive by treatment with desoxycorticosterone and salt or even with sodium chloride alone.

    Bernardo Houssay - Nobel Lecture

  • The mineralocorticoids seem to be more immediately vital to life than are the glycocorticoids, for adrenalectomized rats are kept alive longer by the administration of DOC than by use of corticosterone.

    The Human Brain

  • Weight for weight, its efficiency in promoting the survival of an adrenalectomized rat was twenty-five times as great as was that of DOC.

    The Human Brain

  • By 1929 methods were developed that enabled biochemists to prepare extracts of the adrenal cortex which served to lengthen the life of adrenalectomized animals (those from which the adrenal glands had been removed).

    The Human Brain

  • Instead of assaying in a test tube, Dr. Pottenger kept several big cages full of cats that he had adrenalectomized.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

  • Sebastian A, Sutton JM, Hulter HN, Schambelan M, Poler SM: Effect of mineralocorticoid replacement therapy on renal acid base homeostasis in adrenalectomized patients.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • 1R antagonist, CP-154,526 (CP; 0, 10, 15 mg/kg, i.p.), to blunt binge-like drinking required normal HPA axis signaling by comparing the effectiveness of CP in adrenalectomized

    Naturejobs - All Jobs


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