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  • adj. toned by the use of aerobics


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  • We've all seen those steamy letters published in certain sorts of men's magazines -- the ones that begin with "I'm a student at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast," or, "My girlfriend Gidget is a knockout redhead with a body so aerobicized she uses her buttocks to crack open walnuts."

    John Shore: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

  • The basic premise: that in a near-future most human beings now stay home and travel outside their homes only through "Surrogate" robots that mostly look like them, only perfectly aerobicized and younger and better dressed.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Today, she'd have implants and be aerobicized and airbrushed to "perfect" plasticity.

    The Art of the Centerfold #52

  • Hollywood's version of the Godzilla monster is an admittedly cool creation: fleet, sleek and aerobicized for the '90s.

    A Lizard Leaps From Tokyo To Hollywood

  • But the fashion pendulum has swung 180 degrees, and now very long skirts have become the hallmark of hip dressing, threatening to cloak thousands of pairs of that power accouterment aerobicized calves.

    The Long And Sport Of It

  • Dante's new love interests are the underfed and over-aerobicized Emma (Jennifer Schwalbach, Smith's real-life wife upgraded from her role as Missy in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) and the equally-tiny Becky (Rosario Dawson), the Mooby's manager.

    Melissa Lafsky: Clerks II: Over the Counter, Not the Top

  • Attention, baby boomers: if you aerobicized religiously in the '80s, slacked off and got a little flabby during the' 90s, and now find yourself pondering a pre-retirement return to exercise, NEWSWEEK would like to offer you two simple pieces of advice.

    Let's Get Physical

  • So do not attempt to do your aerobicized verion of the Electric Slide by yourself on the empty dancefloor.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Those features of the bodies like curvy hips that suggest reproduction need to be aerobicized away.

    Hard bodies, cold culture at Hugo Schwyzer

  • She was wearing sleek, narrow, white three-quarters pants with a silk navy sleeveless top and white mule sandals over her pale-painted toes, looking lovely and happy to show off her skinny aerobicized body in tasteful, flesh-revealing summer clothing, which you cannot do in the San Francisco summer cold.



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