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  • n. A low- or middle-latitude, more or less steady, faint photochemical luminescence in the upper atmosphere.

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  • n. A faint illumination in the night sky due to photochemical luminescence in the upper atmosphere.


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air +‎ glow


  • Manson part of the Cawese group is using sectional studies 31n to 78 n 01 hpa to 10 hpa measuring airglow and stratospheric warming.

    IPCC and Solar Correlations « Climate Audit

  • Three men worked up there making spectroscopic and interferometric studies of airglow and auroral processes in the upper atmosphere.

    Terra Incognita

  • Much of the down-looking view was burned out by airglow around the torch.

    A Fire Upon the Deep

  • The result is an iconic blend of blue, pink and purple in the airglow that artists have often portrayed, but is rarely photographed.

    The Full Feed from

  • The highlights to watch for include constellations of city lights, lightning flashes in the clouds, the stars whirling in the night sky above, the faint brown-yellow atmospheric airglow that rims the eastern horizon, and the glorious dawn at the end. will be verified, but never shown: You're in Easy Mode. Top headlines

  • As these particles interact with the ionosphere of Saturn and its rings and moons, they create "airglow emissions."


  • Taken from ISS of northern hemisphere night pass showing aurora (red 630nm and green 557nm emissions), atmospheric airglow (scale height of the atmosphere is about 100km in the movie), cities at night, star motion, and lightening. - Articles related to Africa making dramatic strides in malaria fight

  • Government sponsored Eco-Terrorism; Looking for sightings of airglow in the ionosphere just before an earthquake or volcano

    Smart Economy

  • Electromagnetic radiation given off as a result of exothermic chemical reactions in a planet's atmosphere causes a night airglow, or nightglow.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue

  • A lightning and airglow camera will take pictures of the night side of Venus.

    News On Japan


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