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  • interj. A magic word used in conjuring; presto, shazaam.


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  • Ada tak karpet macam zam zam alakazam tu kat sana? hehheh ..

    Planet Malaysia

  • But there are also some you won't want, why use unknown or farfetch'd if you've got alakazam and pidgeot? what's new online!

  • This is Nelson turning his alakazam wordplay skills, fetching singing, and rapscallion rocking into straight-ahead songwriter territory, long overdue.

    Three Imaginary Girls - Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press

  • And I really agree with alakazam about nailing Jesus back to the cross.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Now I am sitting in a dark room staring at the shattered pieces of broken mirror, that reflect the jagged lies of my mind. alakazam:

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Who do you think taught the PLO, Hammas, MOIS and the rest? alakazam:

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Next work your way through stark mountin again and the caves go back to where your partner stealed the item and Haetran will be there. how to get gengar firt u need to have a friend who has a nintendo ds and a pokemon pearl or diamond game then capture a honter and exchange it with your friend he will evolve automaticaly hor to get alakazam


  • Breed the punches pokemon with an abra and the egg, when it hatches the abra will know the punches. i did this and now ive got a lvl 100 alakazam and it stil knows the punches


  • I could care less who IS gay. alakazam - You have some interesting questions and the BIGGEST problem with DADT is that it SHOULD be exactly as you and gamahuche suggest, only it isn't.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • It is only natural that the military, federal enforcement agencies, and state and local police forces would start to work closer together in the name of Homeland Security. alakazam:

    Propeller Most Popular Stories


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