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  • Alexander Skarsgard alexandre aja alf algernon blackwood ali t. kokmen ali t. kokmen stalking alice in wonderland alice sebold alien

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  • Sire Antoine de la Durie was a stout man about de Puys's age with a huge mustache called an algernon, whose ends grew into his sideburns.

    The Saracen: The Holy War

  • I laugh when I think about how many US and Allied spies would've killed charlie and algernon

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  • How does the book flowers for algernon apply to psychology?

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  • Long before Andy Warhol and crew got the idea of decontextualization as the means to seeing things as they are, science fiction was mainly about seeing what happens when you transplant a cultural norm into a different society, usually by means of a technological story telling device. it was not all techno whiz larry niven (who later on also started contemplative sci fi with the Mote in gods eye) or space opera flash gordon. think about flowers for algernon, or the canticle for lebowitz, the lathe of heaven, farenheight 451 .... - most clicked links

  • February 27, 2009: the catholic school i went to had c64s in the "computer lab" up until i graduated in 1996. since wiki informs me they discontinued the machine in 1994 i would say we were a bit behind the curve at blessed sarcrament. since i only ever used on in school i never really played games on one. the closest thing i can remember is some program where you had to get a mouse to eat cheese or escape a maze or something by entering commands (may have been called something like algernon). maybe i should play some of these browser versions jay links to. speaking to the larger point (the bloat), i would say that while some games do handle this genre-creep quite well, it frequently waters down the experience. for some reason i always think of the jak and daxter series when having this conversation; the first game was a straight platformer while the sequels had guns and stores and cities and talking to people. i felt like they got an action game in my platformer.

  • Too bad they can't inhale something else. "algernon wrote on Jan 17, 2009 2: 07 PM:

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  • This said, the burning photo, while interesting art, is disturbing in this media format. "algernon wrote on Jul 26, 2009 2: 07 PM:

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