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  • n. Any mosquito of the genus Anopheles
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the anopheles mosquito.

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  • n. any mosquito of the genus Anopheles
  • adj. relating to or characteristic of malaria mosquitoes


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  • An evolutionary view of the interactions between anopheline mosquitoes and malaria parasites.

    Parasite Rex

  • These compete with the resistant parasites for red cells and increase the possibility of outbreeding of multigenic-resistance mechanisms or competition in the feeding anopheline mosquito.

    Behe Responds

  • In Sri Lanka, for example, the clearing of tropical forest for agriculture initially reduced the habitat for forest-adapted anopheline mosquito vectors of malaria.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Biodiversity Synthesis~ Key Questions on Biodiversity in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

  • If, as the global warmers insist, climate change is going to result in increased droughts or otherwise catastrophic ecological changes, then it is not at all clear whether the range of the anopheline mosquito will expand or contract.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » British High Court decision on “An Inconvenient Truth”:

  • Slide J. 13 Laboratory studies: effect of Azolla coverage on anopheline mosquitoes

    Chapter 13

  • J. 13 Laboratory studies: effect of Azolla coverage on anopheline mosquitoes

    Chapter 13

  • This proved to be an economical method of malaria control: by identifying the most important vector and the subsequent study of its biology and ecology, malaria control had been achieved without having to eliminate all anopheline species present.

    Chapter 7

  • Watson had previously found that not all the anopheline species in the area were responsible for malaria transmission and ha had also found that these mosquitoes were often restricted to a specialized breeding habitat (the same would be discovered by Jennings in Central America in 1912).

    Chapter 7

  • As a matter of fact, Captain Rankin, aided by Lieutenant-Colonel Swale Evans, I. M.S, and other Indian Medical Officers, determined the continued presence in Flanders of at least two anopheline mosquitoes and potential malaria carriers,

    War Story of the Canadian Army Medical Corps

  • Furthermore, as many regions attempt to maintain their malaria-free status against imported malaria contemporary maps of anophelines that are competent vectors for malaria are important in assessing local receptivity to reintroduction has extended its activities to collate anopheline occurrence data to map the contemporary geographic distributions of the dominant mosquito vectors of human malaria.

    PLoS Medicine: New Articles


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