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From German Ansatz.


  • It would be useful to do a course on FEM because that way, the idea of using "ansatz" seems to begin to become more "natural."

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  • Get comfortable with the idea that the "ansatz" or the assumed form for the solution/potential form is purely arbitrary, even though no self-respecting author of mechanics/analytical mathematics would ever highlight this particular part about the analytical theory.

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  • Again, however, Stenger's paper demonstrates an ignorance of the relevant literature in the philosophy of physics, some of which is somewhat less enthusiastic about the Hartle-Hawking ansatz ...

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  • An ansatz to the ‘Talk Like a Physicist’ problem: Throw in random German words, like ‘brehmsstahlung’ and ‘zitterbewegung’.

    Talk Like a Physicist Day

  • And what about the “homogeneous distribution” ansatz of FRW?

    The Black Hole War

  • PS – according to Mathworld, “An ansatz is an assumed form for a mathematical statement that is not based on any underlying theory or principle.”

    Annan on Hegerl et al « Climate Audit

  • The logarithm rule is an empirical rule of thumb ansatz? which describes the net result in ranges of interest, considering various isotopes, far bands, hot bands etc. , with the combination of changing linear and saturation effects being approximated by a logarithm.

    Annan on Hegerl et al « Climate Audit

  • It is of course possible for a solution to concentrate its mass and energy in a different configuration than a bump function; but experience has shown that the most nonlinear behaviour tends to occur when such a concentration occurs, and so this ansatz is expected to capture the "worst-case" behaviour of the solution.

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  • (One can also refine the above ansatz in a number of ways, for instance by also introducing a frequency modulation, which is particularly important in models such as the mass-critical NLS which admit a frequency modulation symmetry, but for simplicity we will not consider this more complicated situation here.)

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  • These considerations illustrate how the commonly used semigroup ansatz for time evolution of the unstable systems arises.

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