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  • n. Alternative spelling of anti-globalization.


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  • On November Z9-December 3, 1999, when a World Trade Organization conference in Seattle was confronted by huge, angry "antiglobalization" demonstrations, it made such an impression on then president Clinton, a zealous promoter of world trade, that he has regularly discussed the movement ever since.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • This was seen as the first victory of the antineoliberalism, antiglobalization movement in Bolivia.

    A Conversation with Edmundo Paz Soldán about Turing's Delirium

  • In April 2000 there was a huge antiglobalization protest in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

    A Conversation with Edmundo Paz Soldán about Turing's Delirium

  • Wandering around the tented city that has sprung up around St. Paul's Cathedral over the past week, it's easy to dismiss the Occupy London protesters as the usual suspects—the same largely incoherent rabble that led the antiglobalization protests a decade ago.

    The Occupy Wall Street Brigade Has a Point

  • When antiglobalization forces condemn Nike for its labor practices, their speech – concededly noncommercial – is subject only to general libel laws.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • And it broadly defines these extremists as including people who embrace some components of "anticapitalist" or "antiglobalization" ideas.

    Us Too

  • In Gothenburg in Sweden in the summer of 2001, I was present at one of the last European Union meetings to be seriously hampered by antiglobalization protests.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • But the young Westerners who made up the bulk of the antiglobalization protesters may also have lost some of their appetite for violent protest after 9/11.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • The antiglobalization crowd included far-left radicals who despised global capitalism and far-right radicals who believed that globalization was an excuse for the creation of a single world government.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • In the wake of the Asian and Russian economic crises of the late 1990s, the antiglobalization movement found its voice.

    Zero-Sum Future


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