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  • n. Any of several lactone antibiotics, some of which are used for controlling fungi in fish farms

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  • n. one of several antibiotic substances produced by several species of Streptomyces, active against various fungi. They are used only experimentally, not in medicine. The two best-known antimycins are antimycin A1 (C28H40N2O9) and antimycin A3 (C26H36N2O9). They are notable for their mechanism of action, interference with the proton pumping mechanism of fungi.

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  • n. a crystalline antibiotic active against various fungi


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  • Those studies found that the protein encoded by the Ciona AOX gene made its way to mitochondria, where it conferred cyanide-resistant respiration and protected against metabolic acidosis, oxidative stress, and cell death when cells were treated with OXPHOS inhibitors such as antimycin or cyanide.

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  • Rather, Rounds showed, by treating pollen tubes with growth inhibitors including cyanide, oligomycin and antimycin-A, that pollen tubes can withstand such toxins and after an adjustment period will begin to grow again but at a slower rate while still exhibiting growth oscillations described above.

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  • Quite the contrary, mitochondria taken from AOX-expressing flies showed significant resistance to cyanide, and the flies partially resisted both cyanide and antimycin.

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  • (, 1 mM, 27% loss of activity [8]) [8] NADP+ (, competitive [9]) [9] antimycin A

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  • (enzyme of intact mitochondria [9]) [9] antimycin A < 1, 2, 7 >

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  • (competitive inhibitor with respect to 2-oxoglutarate, noncompetitive with respect to Fe2+ [16]) [16] antimycin A

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