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  • n. Plural form of antiproton.


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  • Antihydrogen is made by mixing antiparticles called antiprotons (the antimatter counterparts of protons) and positrons (the antimatter counterparts of electrons).

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • Print Antimatter belt around Earth discovered by Pamela craft A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for the first time.

    BBC News - Home

  • If normal matter is formed by electrons, protons and neutrons, antimatter is composed of antiparticles such as positrons antielectrons, antiprotons and antineutrons.

    Santhosh Mathew, PhD: Seeking the Lost Seeds of Big Bang

  • In that perhaps-opaque phrase, "cooling" refers to imposing order on a swarm of unruly particles - antiprotons - required for the experiment.

    Simon van der Meer, Nobel laureate in physics, dies at 85

  • The road to the scientists' triumph involved the crashing of a beam of protons head on into a beam of antiprotons.

    Simon van der Meer, Nobel laureate in physics, dies at 85

  • After creation in an early stage of the experiment, the antiprotons streak wildly about, with a huge spread in speed and direction that makes them essentially unusable for the experiment.

    Simon van der Meer, Nobel laureate in physics, dies at 85

  • The jets are particles, mostly likely a mixture of electrons and protons, with a sprinkling of positrons, antiprotons, and perhaps some helium nuclei alpha particles.

    World-wide Campaign Sheds New Light on Nature's "LHC" | Universe Today

  • Fermilab, where I work, manufactures antiprotons in quantity, so I enjoyed looking backwards at the ancestors of our business, tracking down the long-ago crossover where an abstruse possibility in nuclear physics led to speculation that flowed from astronomy to meteor science to SF.

    Boing Boing

  • As examples, she and Gerson were the first to observe the mass splitting of the charged Sigma hyperons, and she, working with most of the Berkeley exponents of the nuclear emulsion technique, observed the first nuclear interactions of the newly discovered antiprotons.

    Goldhaber, Sulamith.

  • Using nuclear emulsion techniques, first to observe nuclear interactions of antiprotons

    Goldhaber, Sulamith.


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