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  • n. Plural form of antiseptic.


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  • I always make a difference between those so-called antiseptics or cleaning - which have a chemical in it that leaves a residue, because we have shown that these residues can select for resistant bacteria - antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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  • If the wound happens to have been made with a knife or tool that you are not absolutely sure was perfectly clean, or if the wound gets manure or road-dirt or other filth rubbed into it, then it is best to go at once to a doctor and let him give it a thorough _antiseptic_ dressing, which consists of cleaning it out thoroughly with strong remedies, called antiseptics, -- which kill the germs, but do not injure living tissues, -- and then putting on a germ-proof dressing as before.

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  • GAMMEX (R) Powder-Free glove with AMT Antimicrobial Technology features a unique and proprietary inner coating, containing skin friendly agents and chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), an effective antimicrobial agent commonly found in products such as antiseptics and mouthwash.


  • Sedatives, hypnotics and antipsychotics, cold and cough medicines, ethanol, topical drugs such as antiseptics, laxatives, and antihistamines were other common categories of drugs reported to the centre, the study found. Top Stories

  • The package contains much needed medical supplies such as antiseptics, pain killers, electrolytes.

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  • ~Chemical Reagents~, such as belong to the class known as antiseptics (_i.

    The Elements of Bacteriological Technique A Laboratory Guide for Medical, Dental, and Technical Students. Second Edition Rewritten and Enlarged.

  • It has been used in amalgam dental fillings and topical antiseptics, and, for a period, was an ingredient in teething powders and de-wormers for small children.

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  • Yes; the captain had old-fashioned prejudices against antiseptics.


  • My garments were taken away, intravenous lines were placed, ice-cold antiseptics were swabbed around. we was shaved in a business-like approach in what a woman cutely called a Mohawk.

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  • The sanitator badly needs more antiseptics, such as TCP or other, and he complains that when receiving his last supply all the bottles with the exception of one were broken.

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