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  • adj. Causing anxiety, or pertaining to the causing of anxiety.
  • n. An anxiogenic drug: a drug that causes anxiety.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From anxio- (combining form of anxiety) + -genic.


  • The dentist's little monologue is very much a detour, having no direct consequence on the rest of the story, yet this passage stood out, I suppose, because it rings absolutely true: an empty building becomes anxiogenic precisely when you don't fully believe it to be empty, when you sense a presence whose intentions are, at best, unnervingly ambiguous.

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  • It is evolutionary conserved as both antidiuretic hormone after peripheral secretion and anxiogenic stress-related neuropeptide after central release

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  • It is usually brief and done in a group format, so we thought if we could do a more intensive kind of stress management aimed specifically at relieving depressive and anxiogenic stressors, we may be able to help patients with their depression as well as their heart disease, "said Freedland.


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